Amphora intranet:
extendable virtual office and groupware system

Amphora is a browser-based comprehensive collaborative environment, offering basic office functionality: documents, calendars, tasks, contacts, discussion, databases, web email, etc.

Amphora is built upon Linux and mainstream free software components, making it a highly open solution.

Product details of the light freeware version

Important qualities


Amphora is built on top of mainstream open source systems:

All files and documents are kept in the standard file system, unchanged, and are made accessible via www using the secure, SSL-enhanced Apache server.

All the information except files is kept in the SQL database using PostgreSQL server. Full text indexes are kept in a special bsddb database.

User interface programming is done mainly via the Zope application server. System programs are written in Python. You can use documented Python API-s for enhancing the system.

The special Windows client is built using Borland Delphi, uses Mozilla cryptolibrary for electronic signatures and PGP for encryption/decryption.

Amphora does not pose high requirements on hardware. In principle Amphora could be run on a small Linux desktop workstation with 64 MB of memory, but we highly recommend a small server-class machine with at least 128 MB or 256 MB of RAM for good perfromance with a number of multiple users. Requirements for hardware rise as the usage becomes more intense.

Licensing, support and development

Amphora light is free, distributed with a GPL licence, with no restrictions on distribution or modifying.

The developer

Original copyright of Amphora Light belongs to IT Meedia OÜ (

Amphora was developed by a small software company IT Meedia. The company was founded in 1996, in order to take advantage of the quickly developing internet technology.

In their previous development- and academic background the founders had assembled the critical mass of competences necessary to develop cutting edge solutions to the needs of internet-supported economy.

The company was owned jointly by several private founders and employees, one of the largest IT companies in Estonia, Baltic Computer Systems, and a venture capital fund New Economy Funds.


IT Meedia
+372 51 37149